March 23, 2017

Ivy smart contract language

Ivy playground

Dog on board

linux insides book

curry programming language

Bringing back the Somali shilling

Grenade: Deep Learning in Haskell

aws sydney

Category Theory for Programmers: The Preface


Idris v F-star

Interview with Brian McKenna about Roy, Purescript, Haskell, Idris and dependent types

Towards Idris Version 1.0

PureScript is a small strongly typed programming language that compiles to JavaScript.

The future of software, the end of apps, and why UX designers should care about type theory

Is functional programming possible on the EVM?

Verilog intro

Demo: A fully open source flow for iCE40 FPGAs

[Types Considered Harmful Lambda the Ultimate](


F star formal validation

Formal verification of secure multi-party computations - DSL

06 Dependent Types Effects and Efficient Verification Conditions in F star

Ricardian Contract

Very important

“Propositions as Types” by Philip Wadler

Coq 8.6 is out (

Basic Category Theory (

Albegra Chapter 0 - pdf

Very important

Category Theory Bartosz Milewski 20 videos

Proofs are Programs – 19th Century Logic and 21st Century Computing (2000) pdf

Proofs are Programs: 19th Century Logic and 21st Century Computing - Wadler

[Entropy in Social Networks - hackernews - pdf] (

The Functional-Relational Impedance Match

Elm vs PureScript

Try Purescript

Purescript by example

Purescript differences from Haskell

Purescript handling native effects with the Eff monad

Why calculating is better than scheming - Wadler 87

Why Purescript uses bower

Type-safe client-server communication with PureScript

The Halogen guide

Query Algebras

Free monads are simple

What are free monads

finch functional web development

Proof related to a finite state machine

Show two finite state machines are equivalent

Formal methods on another Casper

Formal methods on another Casper - reddit

Very important

Ethereum Virtual Machine for Coq (v0.0.2) - reddit

Ethereum Virtual Machine for Coq (v0.0.2) - medium

Formalization of Ethereum Virtual Machine in Lem - code

Ethereum research gitter

Alloy 4 Tutorial Materials

Alloy 4 Intro and logic - pdf

Alloy 4 Lanaguage and analysis - pdf

Alloy analyzer - wikipedia

Newly Released Delaware Corporate Law Amendments Would Permit Blockchain Shares

Boolean satisfiability problem

F-star Dependently typed ML

F-star introduction

Dependent Types and Multi-Monadic Effects in F-star

F-star tutorial

Compromise on effects tracking

Satisfiability modulo theories

Very important

Category Theory 8.2: Type algebra, Curry-Howard-Lambek isomorphism - video

curry howard isomorphism

History of standard ML

Common algebraic specification language

Damas and Milner’s seminal paper on how to do type inference in ML

Liquid Haskell: Haskell as a Theorem Prover - hacker news - pdf

24 days of purescript 2016

Algebras for Monads

Learn Purescript in Y minutes

Virtual dom universal starter

Purescript ffi

Representation theory


Category theory proofs in Irdir

Urbit in 2017